Excellent Site with Multiple Resources

Classroom Management
//**Ms. Powell's Management Ideas for Teachers**//
Classroom Management
//**The Really Big List of Classroom Management Ideas**//
some links are broken but still a great resource
Organize Your Classroom
Clutter Free Classroom

Lesson Plans
//**Core Knowledge Lesson Plans**//
All kinds of lesson plans
//**Learning Page**// Lesson Plans
Reading and Literacy
Reading and Literacy Lesson Plans
**//Literacy Connections//**
Awesome "how-to" site for teaching literacy. Example: "What are sight words?"
**//The Teacher's Desk//**
Great reading/literacy resources for grades 5 and 6
Lots of writing prompts - neat site - scroll down to see all the fun stuff
Lesson Plans and resources for reading and literacy
**//The Reading Lady//**
Reading lesson plans and lots of resources and ideas
**//Mosaic Listserve Tools//**
free, wonderful resources for literacy education!
**//Reader’s Theater Editions//**
some printable Reader’s Theater scripts
**//Everyday Spelling//**
spelling lists and activities

Interactive Educational Websites for Students
Interactive Learning games for the kiddos
Interactive movies, quizes, and games for kiddos (Free 5-day trial)
//**National Geographic Kids**//
**//TIME for kids//**
**//Carl's Corner//**
Reading GALORE
This website reads stories to students based on reading level - Awesome! (membership required)
Great K-2 Reading site
**//Storyline Online//**
Great books read by actors (Free)
**//Mr. Lettiere's English on the Web//**
Love the study guides and handouts. He also has great links
Custom Worksheet Generators and the like
Generate your own customized tests! Neat-o.
//**Traceable handwriting worksheet generator**//
//**Crossword Puzzle Generator**//
//**Puzzle Maker**//
From the Discovery Channel
//**Rubric Generator (and Lesson Plans)**//
//**Chart Dog**//for teachers--it's an online charting program to document just about anything and it creates the graph
//**Dolch Sight Words**//
Free list based on grade level - Pre-K through 3rd
Great rubrics for everything you can think of!
General They-Have-It-All Websites
//**Laura Candler’s File Cabinet**//
she has a little bit of everything.
**//Education World//**
A little of everything.
**//Real Classroom Ideas//**
These guys have it ALL. (Membership requried but it's cheap.)
TONS of printable stuff for the classroom and it's all FREE. Awesome site.
**//Links for K-12//**hodge podge of goodies
**//Busy Teacher Cafe//**
Lots of resources.
**//The Virtual Vine//**
Lots of good stuff!
//**Teaching Heart**//
K-3 Resources
//**Ms. Jensen’s Website**//
great resources for teachers
//**Riverside East Wiki**//

4th Grade Resources for Everyday Math, HM Reading, HM Science, and more

Art and Crafts
**//DLTK's Printable Crafts//**
good craft ideas and you can customize charts
//**The Math Worksheet Site**//
Instant basic math drill/review sheets. Nicely done. Fuller version available with subscription, but I got lots of mileage out of the free features
//**Figure This!**//
Fun math brain teasers
//**Introducation to Algebra**// Great site for pre-algebra and algebra
//**Hands-on Math**//
Hands on math activities for elementary
//**Pattern Possibilities**//
All kinds of math patterns
//**Teacher Resources Galore**//
Fractions, time, money, place value, etc.
//**File Folder Games**//
Math games for elementary
Standards-based Math Activities
//**Fantasy Sports Classroom**//
Bringing fantasy sports to your student
Teachers choose their own curriculum (mapped to state standards), assign work to students, have it automatically graded immediately, review individual and class performance, and most importantly, take immediate action. What’s more - it's FREE for the entire class!
//**The Science Spot**//
Everything science
//**Steve Spangler Science**//
Behavior Management
//**Intervention Central**//
Great behavior management resource!
A lot of printables from this site //**KidsHealth.org**//
An all-around resource (includes some printables) about everything health and human body related
Social Studies
educator resources ala National Geographic
//**Atlas**// Free printable maps - world
Free printable maps - United States
//**Owl & Mouse**//
Early reading, a castle to build, map puzzles and maps to print
//**Federal Resources for Educational Excellence**//
US History, Business/Careers - cool site!
//**Famous People**//
Biography mini-lessons to edit
//**Congress for Kids**//
Tour the federal government
//**White House Kids**//
Presidents coloring pages
//**The Constitution for Kids**//
Everything Constitution. All grade levels.

//**Multilingual EGlossary**//
The fast, fun way to practice Spanish verb conjugation
Do fun stuff with your fotos
//**http://www.herencia.com/cgi-bin/links.cgi**//Latino Links
//**Reader's Digest Mexico**//
//**National Geographic in Spanish**//
Meant for ESL, but great also for special ed, vocabulary, etc. Plenty of printables, very visual
Graphic Organizers
//**Free Printable Graphic Organizers**//
//**More free graphic organizers from EdHelper.com**//
SEN Teacher
a whole bunch of random, customizable printables
**//Preshcool Printables//**
file folder games that work for the younger kids-->
**//Enchanted Learning//**
Lots of great printables. Cheap membership
//**Classroom 2.0**//
Learning how to use technology in the classroom
//**The Global Education Collaborative**//
connect with classrooms around the world
//**NextGen Teachers**//
Educators connecting to explore the next generation of teaching and learning
Internet’s largest global community of connected classrooms
Teacher Forum Boards
A to Z Teacher Stuff
Great resources and an awesome teacher forum board to share ideas
Another teacher forum board
Gives you lots of links on many themes (search engine)
//**Free Downloads**//of games to learn sight words, letter sounds, math facts
//**5th Grade Centers**//
Lots of centers for 5th grade