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I just want to be sure credit is given where it's due. :-)

Visit these other sites for a wide range of resources on this same topic:

Catawba County Schools - Literacy Stations

Miss Campioni's Website - Literacy Stations

Kyrene School District - Literacy Station Resources

Below are the "I Can" lists from Debbie Diller's
Practice with Purpose: Literacy Workstations for 3-6 book.
Feel free to edit them as needed or to suit your activities.






If you are interested in implementing stations in
your classroom, I highly suggest the book.
The above were typed by Kyrene School District Teachers

Spelling Activities
Value Spelling.doc
Spelling Contract.pdf
Spell Well Task Cards - Spell Well Task Cards.pdf
Scrabble Tiles: scrabble[1].pdf
Dollar-Word final-2.xls - Created by Mr. Leonard to check values of words
Vocabulary Activities

The following were created by Jessica Majerus - Read the How to Vocab to see how she implements these ideas.
HowtoVocabulary Activities.docx

Reading Vocab Notes.doc- Ms. Jensen
Writing Activities
Journal Jar Prompts.doc - compiled by Ms. Jensen
Editing_Sheet.pdf - Created by Pam Graetz
Dictation Rubric.pdf - Created by Ms. Jensen
Cursive_Handwriting_Rubric.pdf - Created by Ms. Jensen
bookordertaskcards[1].pdf - Task cards for Book Orders
Newspaper_Task_Cards.doc - Task cards for Newspapers

Here are is an Elements of Writing Packet that was created by RSWinnie on
Elements of Writing II.doc
Elements of Writing I.doc
Elements of Writing Ia.doc
Elements of Writing Ib.doc

More stuff created by RSWinnie:

Writing Process Bulletin Board - Where are you at? Writing_Process_BB.pdf