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State Regional Tour

Mrs. Newingham does a great Regional Tour with her students. I have begun to collect You Tube Videos on each of the site and you can view them on this wiki.
Mrs. Newingham's Blog on the State Tour - Mrs. Newingham's Blog State Tour
Mrs. Newingham's Info on State Tour - Overview of State Tour
State Tour NE Videos - State Tour NE
State Tour SE Videos - Coming Soon
State Tour Midwest Videos - Coming Soon
State Tour SW Videos - Coming Soon
State Tour W Videos - Coming Soon

My school doesn't use the History Alive books but we do study the states. So I simply visited Amazon and purchased a copy of the student's book for about $15. When I got it, I made copies of the pages needed for every two students. I did, however, buy the audio CD. You need to be careful. They came out with a new version of the book and CD. So if you bought the old book be sure to purchase the old CD. Here are some links:

Old Book and Old CD: Old Edition Regions of Our Country
New Book and CD: New Edition Regions of Our Country

California Missions Project

State the Facts (States Project) Created by: Lisa Beiderwell
Stating the Facts Rubric.doc
Stating the Facts.doc