How do you keep your students organized? Share your ideas here.

Binders: One way I help my students is by giving them iPod Binders in the beginning of the year. I buy all the materials before school begins (you have to love those Staple sales!) and set the binders up before my students arrive. That way I don't have 30 different binders and tabs in the classroom. They are all uniformed. For more information visit my site here: iPod Binder
Download my iPod Binder cover here: ipod_binder.doc
Star Binder cover (Hollywood theme): STAR_Binder_Cover.docx
I use a special font for the STAR binder called "Chalkboard" - if you don't have it you won't be able to see the effects - check out the PDF to see how it would look. STAR_Binder_Cover.pdf

Don't like the name of this binder but like the binder idea? Find your own acronym here: Moose Binder Acronyms