If you can think of it, chances are you can create it on VistaPrint for free (excluding shipping and handling). Vistaprint is an online website, which allows you to order business cards, notecards, magnets, t-shirts, hats and other products for usually only the cost of shipping and handling.
I have ordered many items on VistaPrint, including business cards with my contact information to hand out to parents. Check out the pictures to see some creations I've made on VistaPrint below by clicking on Mrs. Lyon (formerly Ms. Jensen).

Website: www.vistaprint.com

Here are some more examples created by inspirational teachers:
Mrs. Gannon
Mrs. Whatley
Mrs. Meacham
Mrs. Van Dyke

Ms. Shea
Mrs. M
Mrs. Smith
Mrs. Norris
Mrs. Au
Mrs. Wasik
Ms. York
Ms. Drummond
Ms. Hale
Mrs. Starbuck
Mrs. K
Ms. Keahey
Ms. Lamb
Mrs. Braman
Mrs. Jimison
Ms. Schwab
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